Protect your digital items with any of our 5 packages.

£3.99 covers ONE product
£5.99 covers TWO products
£8.99 covers THREE products
£11.99 covers FOUR products
£14.99 covers FIVE products

totalcare Digital Home Club Covers




Inkjet Printer

Satallite Navigation

(Portable tom-tom etc.

Video Recorder

Sky Box

Freeview Box

Portable DVD player

Games console (Xbox,

PS2,PS3,Nitendo Wll)

MP3 (Ipod etc)

Digital Camera

DAB Radio

DVD Player

Mobile Phone (non

smart phone)

Excludes Home Cinema, Surround Sound, Smart Phone, Flat Panel TV & Tablets.

Upgrade your support package with one of the following popular boosts

£1.99 to cover Smart Phone or IPAD

£5.99 to cover Flat Panel TV upto 40"

£9.99 to cover Flat Panel TV over 40"

Using Boosts

If you would like to cover a PC and a Smart Phone, you will need to buy TOTALcare2 contract at £5.99 and add a £1.99 boost so that will be £7.98

Special Offer

Get any digital item from the above list covered for FREE for the first 4 months with any package.
i.e buy Totalcare1 at £3.99 and get an extra product covered for FREE for the first 4 months, pay £5.99 thereafter.


PC & Laptop Repairs

Laptop running too slow? PC falling to bits? Don't worry - help is at hand.

Plasma & LCD TV repair

Has your Plasma or LCD screen gone on the blink completely? Don't worry - help is at hand.

Total Ink Club

Print as much as you like without having to worry about the expensive cost of ink cartridges.

Norman Anti-virus

In today's digital world, staying secure online is extremely important.