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Tel.: 0845 1213359

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TOTALcare - Customer Support

Technical Support:

We provide technical support and troubleshooting, and allow businesses to do what they do best while we take care of their entire technical side. Our team is fully supported by certified professionals and product managers with extensive knowledge.

Our Technical support team provides assistance to all types of technical problems your clients may face with all their digital gadgets like PC's, laptops, Plasma TV and more. They troubleshoot, probe and offer appropriate solutions to the problems.

Our Technical Support Advisors assist customers over the phone using Customer Management Systems. Agents have access to customers contact history, orders and repair information and all past interactions. This provides the basis for comprehensive reporting, on agent performance, reasons for contact & root cause.

Customer Service:

Our Customer Service Advisors deal with non-technical enquiries such as Billing, Order Confirmation, and General Advice. We provide a complete end to end customer service experience, from resolving billing issues, processing orders and tracking down the order until it is delivered successfully to the customer and make sure that all services including the set up, installation maintenance and repair are provided. Your customers are kept informed at all points of the order process and a quick and accurate response is provided to all questions and issues faced by customers.

We provide a complete customer service solution starting from generating an enquiry to converting them into loyal customers and retaining the customers. We always try to go beyond the expectation of the customer and offer them an outstanding customer care experience. Our agents are trained in delivering a high quality service and ensure that your valuable customers never have a need to complain.

A comprehensive call recoding and reporting structure allows you to monitor the quality of service at all time. Click here for more details

Help Desk:

In addition to managing your back office operations like customer care support, technical support, order processing etc. we can also provide advanced IT related support for your more experienced customers who want help with file servers, networking and software related issues. We personalize our services for each organization and provide custom tailored solutions that meet customer's specific needs.