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TOTALcare UK head office is based in Lancashire and consists of a 500,000 sq ft facility, which houses our Logistics Hub, Service Centre, Call Centre, Manufacturing, Administration Centre, Disaster Recovery Sites, and Document Storage. TOTALcare UK has access to disaster recovery and back-up network; consisting of four strategically placed POP locations (see map), which provide ideal data security and recovery.

The network has been designed by Internexus. Constructed in such a way that full redundancy is maximised in the event of any unforeseen problems. We are confident that any major issues will not directly impact our customers access.

The network has Tier 1* carrier access that covers Asia, North America, Europe and Oceania with industry-leading SLAs. All our servers are housed in our secure POPs. Our expert engineers provide 365 day support 24/7 and maintenance across our entire UK network. The POPs feature computer grade environments (raised flooring, air-conditioned environmental control and UPS with generator backup).

* Tier 1: A carrier group possessing a world-scale broadband IP backbone, capable of controlling its own network and does not depend on an "upper" provider to maintain its quality.

TOTALcare Middle East (Dubai, UAE)

TOTALcare Middle East is based in Dubai, which is an
ideal business location for the Middle Eastern markets.
TOTALcare Dubai currently houses Logistics Hub,
Service Centre , Call Centre, Manufacturing,
Administration Centre, Disaster Recovery Sites and
Document Storage.

TOTALcare India

TOTALcare India is based in Mumbai and houses
Logistics Hub, Service Centre, Call Centre,
Manufacturing and Administration Centre.


TOTALcare Hong Kong deals with all product
development and sourcing to logistics hub and
manages the distribution of goods from the Far East to
Europe and Middle East.