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TOTALcare - specialist in service

Tel.: 0845 1213359

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Solutions For Landlords

TOTALcare - Landlord Connectivity

Improve the value of your property at no extra cost

TOTALcare provides a complete communications solution to your property that is ready to be used by the tenants with the flick of a switch. Once the building is connected, all size of tenants, big or small, can be provided with a communications system, ranging from internet and phone line to complete office network with minimal delay.

We use the services of different partners, based on the requirements of the tenant. You and your tenant deal with only us, therefore removing the hassle of dealing with different suppliers.

  • TOTALcare ensures that your property is connected to the fastest available internet.
  • Your property gets the latest connectivity and IT infrastructure.
  • Fast deployment of services for tenants and prospects.
  • Tenants get dedicated or shared data and voice services.
  • Building or site has unlimited amount of bandwidth available.
  • Different connectivity packages available for different tenants.
  • We handle all the billing and administration requirements, for data and voice services.

Our partners

TOTALcare is able to provide a comprehensive service and bespoke solution through it's valued partners.

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