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TOTALcare - specialist in service

Tel.: 0845 1213359

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Sales Order Process & Delivery

TOTALcare - sales order prosessing

TOTALcare can manage the processing of your orders right from taking the order details through to fulfillment of the order, including installation at the customer’s premises. You will be assigned a dedicated order fulfillment and processing team which will provide you a single point of contact along with easy and accurate reporting on the status of different orders. The entire process will allow you to focus on sales and also help you manage your inventory efficiently

Order Taking:

We can input orders directly from the web or while on a call to the customer. We can manage the whole process from taking the order, payment processing and shipping to the customer.

Pick, Pack & Order Consolidation:

This service is available for single and multiple items, all picked, packed and shipped to your client. We have the space to hold stock and the experience to manage the process from ordering through to delivering goods to your customer’s door.

Door Step Exchanges:

We can arrange Door Step Exchanges, where goods can be exchanged at the point of drop off. This is a very effective option which enhances the service.


Our relationship with several courier companies ensures your goods are delivered when you want them. Delivery ranges from same day, pre-9 am, pre-10 am, evening and weekends.

Techincal Courier:

Depending on our clients requirements our technical couriers can offer unpacking, installation and set-up.