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TOTALcare - specialist in service

Tel.: 0845 1213359

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TOTALcare - storage solutions

Document Storage:

We can manage your excess documentation and media which could be taking up your valuable office space. We will collect and store your documents and retrieve and deliver as and when you require.

Secure Storage:

Our secure storage warehouse is built to the highest security standards. The vault is a five sided panel construction to EN1143-1 Grade VIII. The doors are fitted with vibration and heat sensors, and each has one standard key lock. The doors are fitted with two electronic code locks, incorporating a time lock function. These locks also include a time delay function, remote enabling, audit trail and various levels of management. There is also a secure work area to allow preparation of goods in and out of the secure warehouse. Access to the workroom from the unsecured part of the unit is through an electronically controlled turnstile, followed by a security door constructed to LPS 1175 Level 4. The door is secured by an Assa Locktronic electronic dead bolt lock, operated through a card reader and interlocked with the turnstile. To allow passage of goods, the turnstile fence contains a remotely controlled gate, secured by a magnetic lock. The whole area has patrol security, 24hr remote security and video surveillance.