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TOTALcare - IT Connectivity


Internexus is a specialist business communications supplier, just like BT and Virgin, with products and services specially designed with business needs in mind. With a full portfolio of services including high speed fibre broadband, business broadband, leased lines, DIA solutions, data hosting, firewalls and voice lines, we are confident that we will be able to deliver value into your business by either improving your services or reducing your costs.


Fast install

Your communication and network system is ready to use with a flick of a switch.

Easy set up

Since the infrastructure is already in place, set up time is minimal.

Fibre solutions

Superfast broadband through fibre network across UK.

DIA solutions

Uncontented, dedicated speeds from 2Mb/s to 1000Mb/s direct to your site.

Voice Connectivity

We can meet voice requirements with services ranging from single voice line (PSDN) to ISDN lines or SIP lines.

Business Internet

Comprehensive internet access portfolios in the UK supporting ADSL connection for small business to fibre internet for a large business.