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TOTALcare - Telephony Solutions


Tpad are experts in delivering communication and IT solutions, regardless of the size of your business. Tpad has built its business on supplying phone systems, PBX solutions, cloud based telephone switches, call recording, diallers and call centre solutions.


Fast install

Your communication and network system is ready to use with a flick of a switch.

Easy set up

Since the infrastructure is already in place, set up time is minimal.

Numbers for any location

Numbers can be provided for local, international and Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN).

PBX solutions

Cloud based or Managed PBX options available.

Any number of users

Solutions for all size of businesses available, from 1 user to 1000 users.


Feature rich dialler with comprehensive reporting options.

Call recording

Call recording software with features including recording and storing data, listen to recordings easily and lots more.

Call center solutions

Bespoke call centre solutions based on your requirements.