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TOTALcare - specialist in service

Tel.: 0845 1213359

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TOTALcare - end to end Business Solutions

    TOTALcare Diagnosis & Repair

  • Technical call centre
  • Service centre
  • Deliver to customer
  • Customer satisfaction call

    TOTALcare Order Fulfillment

  • Sales order processing
  • Payment processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Delivery

    TOTALcare Doorstep Exchange

  • Customer request
  • Dispatch of goods
  • Courier exchanges goods with customer
  • Service centre receives

    TOTALcare Document Storage

  • Collection
  • Bar code & store in secure warehouse
  • Customer retrieval
  • Same day or next day delivery

    TOTALcare Sales Services

  • Sales contact centre
  • Customer contact is recorded in NEST cloud CRM
  • Calls are recorded and attached to customer record
  • Data and results stored on client NEST CRM
  • Real time data availability